Where does Polyethylene, PVC or PVDC come from?

Hey, I'm doing a science essay thingie and I need to know where raw materials of my item are from.I'm doing Glad Plastic Wrap and I need to know where polyethylene, PVC, or PVDC come from geographically? The requirement from my teacher is "The geographic source(s) of your product's raw materials is clear."yeah.I know they're all polymers but like, how the hell does Glad get it to make their plastic cling wrap?Thanks.

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2 Answers to “Where does Polyethylene, PVC or PVDC come from?”

  1. Blow-Up says:

    Some plastics used are made from Corn and sugar cane, but most is a bi-product of the separation of many types of fuels made out of crude oil.

  2. alikewise says:

    All Monometers and Polymers come from petroleum they are hydrocarbons compounds sometimes fabricated from the residuals from fabrication of fuelsA Polymer is a large molecule formed of repeating radicals connected by covalent bonds. They are not only plastics they are different type of materials each one with different characteristics. There are polymers that exist natural, such as cellulose, which is the main constituent of wood paper. Also amber, shellac,and rubber have been known by men from many years. PVC is a man made polymer (Poly Vinyl Chloride)