Does anyone know what started the Feburary revolution of 1917? Was it the abdication of Nicholas 2?

I have to do an essay on the Russian Revolution of 1917 for my final College exam.

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2 Answers to “Does anyone know what started the Feburary revolution of 1917? Was it the abdication of Nicholas 2?”

  1. overattentively says:

    So, Russia was engaged in World War I. Thier resources were running really thin, people were dying from starvation and the war. A lot of people were unhappy. The abdication of Nicholas II was not an issue in terms of the revolution, it was more of an end result of the start. Fighting did continue between the white and red armies.

  2. cyanidin says:

    A riot in St Petersburg (called Petrograd at the time) led to the establishment of a provisional government which in turn forced the abdication of the Tsar.