Can anyone help me with an essay on the importance of being earnest?

The title is 'Wilde's major comic strategy is the reersal of his audience's expectations'Drawing on your knowledge of language, character, plot and staging, show how Wilde achieves this reversalplease don't bother sending me links to plot summaries - i already know the plot!Thank you

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  1. mushroomy says:

    have u seen the films?They can help with the character depiction and highlight similarities and differences in the language between the two “earnests” when they are themselves or taking on an act. is it significant that they are both earnest with their true love? what level is this for anyway?

  2. begrijp says:

    To modern theatre audiences, the title of Oscar Wilde’s most popular play, The Importance of Being Earnest, seems a clever play on words. After all, the plot hinges on the telling of little—and not so little—white lies, while the title suggests that honesty (earnestness) will be the rule of the day. The title also implies a connection between the name and the concept, between a person named Earnest and that person being earnest. The narrative action does not bear out this assumption but rather its opposite. Audiences who saw the play when it opened in London in 1895 would have brought to it more complex associations with “earnestness,” a word which historians, sociologists, and literary critics alike see as, at least in part, typifying the Victorian mindset.The word “earnest” has three related meanings: to be eager or zealous; to be sincere, serious, and determined; and to be important, not trivial. During Queen Victoria’s more than half-century reign, tremendous economic, social, and political changes rocked Great Britain.