Can somebody give a link or tell me an essay of 300 words on”giong peperless is eco friendly?”?

i have to write a 300 word essay.if you can give me a link or if you can take some time to write it,ill be thankful to you.

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3 Answers to “Can somebody give a link or tell me an essay of 300 words on”giong peperless is eco friendly?”?”

  1. drofland says:

    A link for your help is :- [external link]

  2. ragouts says:

    I’m afraid I don’t even know who Giong Peperless is, and I’ve no idea if she’s eco-friendly or not. :(

  3. givens says:

    By going paperless you reduce the followinga) amount of paper usageb) carbon footprint – fuel saved, roadfreight, haulage reduced, less diesel burned, less carbon emissions.c) recycling of paper reducedd) time spent collating information (reading is time consuming)Your however could argue that reduction of the above, increases the followingd) Other methods of paper replacement, online internet, visual video, etc increase power output (electricity consumption) and thereby offset carbon savings. Plus side is that you waste less time interpreting information.Either way you argue, just back it up with a solid conclusion. The answer doesnt matter its just that the premise you argue (the base statement) is backed up by evidence, examples and the reader understands your conclusion.Good luck, 300 words is short so u can do it.