i was on word pad typing an essay on my laptop. i put it on a usb thingy and opened it on my home computer. i copy and pasted it to word perfect and was workin on it. i was putting finishing touches on it this morning when a thing came up and said that the file or w/e was unstable and had a wizard thing to fix the problem. it came up with 2 options. i could either back the file up or keep working. it wouldnt let me click the 1 that said to back up the file so i just clicked continue workin and figured id just save it when it went back to the regular screen. well i clicked continue workin and hit finish and now its all screwed up! u can c the lil toolbar and scroll bar but u cant c the paper, u can c the computers background where the paper should be. this was an 8 page paper and i stayed up until 11 o'clock last nite workin on it and its due tomorrow! PLEASE HELP ME!…

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  1. moldability says:

    It’s still in .rtf format on the USB thingy. Copy it to your desktop, take out the thingy. Open and work on it in WordPad. The are lots of viruses that live in document files. Back in the ’90s They were mostly aimed at MSWord. This is probably a variation on that. WordPad doesn’t run macros, so it can’t hurt you there. You probably caught it off the school network. Tell their IT admin.