Help with suicidal story tittle? {essay}?

the story's about a teenage girl that tries to commit suicide because her mom died, and her dad hates her, her friends don't help her, her boyfriend dumped her blahblah and at the end she lives, and has a new friend/boyfriend who get her, and learns that pain does go away, and happiness is on the other side {wow that was cheesy}all i have is:the pill (cause she tried to take Tylenol blah)the imagination's lazy please :(

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2 Answers to “Help with suicidal story tittle? {essay}?”

  1. srimurti says:

    The Escape is a pretty good one. The One Left Behind or something like that would kinda go too.

  2. hypsochromy says:

    Run awaySurreal blurTaking for reliefNobody cares so why should II thought it was my timeI hope I have helped, and got the right idea of what you wanted!