ok so i need to write an essay on what the nervous, respiratory, digestive, muscular, circulatory, and skeletal systems do while at the computer. please help i need it today! i dont need an essay i just dont know what they do :((

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  1. comets says:

    respitory- the system that makes oxygen. digestive- the system that breaks down foodmuscular- the system that helps you move your bodycirculitory- the system that circulates the blood, and oxygen, and nutrients through blood cells to the bodyskelital- to be basic the frame that keeps the body together…nerveous- the system that controles feelings, sences, and what you feel like pain smooth and sharp stuff. colld hot…good luck (im going into the 8th grade) i hope i helped and i did a whole semester or almost a whole semester on the body lol i think i will know this stuff…