Psyching self out for finals is not helping me retain the information…advice please!?

I'm so nervous for my final tomorrow that I'm studying and not remembering anything. I'm just thinking, "Oh, I'm barely reviewing this today...I'm just not going to remember this tomorrow!" Any advice how to keep focus and keep those negative thoughts out? (P.S. I haven't really studied cos I have turned in 4 essays since Monday).Thanks!

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3 Answers to “Psyching self out for finals is not helping me retain the information…advice please!?”

  1. knowns says:

    If you read something, stop, go do something else (take a walk, do the dishes, something not involving school), and then go back and read it again, you’re much more likely to retain it.Also stop thinking about how you’re not remembering stuff. Calm down, this test is not the end of the world.

  2. acholia says:

    Take a break and come back to it. Give your mind a moment to rest and retain all of the information you have just taken in. Then go back and study more later… I myself make a review and then read over it multiple times (memorizing it). Memorizing is the only way when you have to cram everything in one night…

  3. faina says:

    After you read something try to relate it to something else, or put whatever it is in a real world context. Explain it to yourself “in other words” … It really helps a lot. It’s really the difference between studying and learning. Once you learn something you no longer have to keep it in short term memory. You can also use mnemonics. Here’s a link. [external link] .…Good luck and don’t stress out. Above and beyond anything else, get a good sleep tonight. A tired brain is a forgetful brain.