What is happening to the bees?

I need to write an essay on what is happening to the bee population and need some help finding a few credible sources to write the essay.I need info specifically on what is killing them, the environmental impact of this, what impact it will have on the food chain, and whether or not this process can be reversed.My professor suggested looking into types of fertilizers and pesticides, and genetically modified crops and how these affect the bees.

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  1. yksmohC says:

    [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … – this one is an overview with other articles at the bottom. [external link] – a current popular video. Then you got Queen of the Sun, and Vanishing of the Bees (which was on Netflix instant for awhile, but I don’t think currently).As for credible, that is not going to be super easy since the EPA has covered up a bit, but hopefully the leaked info will lead you to more and help out somehow. The beekeepers are the best source for credibility, but since they only work with the bees and aren’t scientists, they aren’t taken seriosuly by the mainstream.

  2. rhinocerotoid says:

    I think global warming could be the causeWhat causes glabal warming = humansWho absorbs the evil things we make = plants Who eats plant nectar = beesNow bees are eating our things and dying