What makes Albus Dumbledore a good leader?

Yea, I'm supposed to write an essay on good leaders, and I decided to choose him. I've jotted down some points already, but sadly don't have enough.Any ideas?

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2 Answers to “What makes Albus Dumbledore a good leader?”

  1. over says:

    If I’m honest I wouldn’t choose Albus Dumbledore for this essay. I would choose Queen Elizabeth IHowever if would would still like to choose Dumbledore, he is omipotent (all-knowing and wise) and he is inspirational to all of his students, think of the deathly hallows, all of the students fight for him and what he stood for. Because they knew that what he stood for was right and he was killed before he was able to finish his work, they had to carry it on for him etc :)

  2. twistiness says:

    People trusted him.People loved him and he cared for them back.He never left someone completely alone in the world.He tried his best.He used his head.He always did what he thought was right no matter what consequences it would have on him in the future. He didn’t care what people thought. He just trusted what he knew and what his gut told him.He didn’t care about politics.