What was the relationship between Victor Frankenstein & The Creature?

I have to write an essay on this topic and was trying to get some more ideas on the relationship between Frankenstein and the Creature he created.Thanks!

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4 Answers to “What was the relationship between Victor Frankenstein & The Creature?”

  1. vanes says:

    On Victor’s side, it was one of loathing, horror, and shame. As I remember it, he couldn’t bear the thought that he’d created such a monstrosity, and spent much of the book fleeing it. He eventually began to pity it, but then, considering the implications of giving it a companion, grew spiteful and betrayed it.The creature’s feelings were that of an abandoned child: anger, loneliness, pain and sorrow. It wanted very much to be loved by Victor, to be seen as good by him. Victor’s continual rejection fostered bitterness, and his betrayal, rage. In the end, however, the creature could not truly hate him, and mourned his death. Victor saw the creature as an abomination, a mistake. The creature saw Victor as a father, the only one that could understand him, yet refused to.

  2. mastoid says:

    That, my dear poster, is the crux of the book.When you read the book, and you should, you will see that.And not only the relationship, but how it changes from the moment of creation to the disintegration as the creature fails to live up to Victor’s ideals, and finally to the end.Your instructor has given you a good assignment.

  3. distressful says: