How do I cite an internet source in a story I’m writing?

I'm currently writing a story/essay and I researched some statistics on the topic. How would I cite the information since this is suppose to be story-like? Should I make up the information since it's my own story or should I just cite it anyway?

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  1. orangist says:

    First you bother to track back the statistics to the original organization, rather than merely citing a vague website. “I saw it on the web” rarely impresses an audience, which is your point of trying to jam such information in right?Then, you merely have one of your characters do the classic know-it-all scientist bit “Well, the Department of Health studies from 2008 found well over 95% of all Harry Potter fans turned into chronic masturbators.”You’re writing a story, which I assume has characters, so you merely have it as dialog. Otherwise, just claim they heard it or saw it on the web.You don’t need to actually cite anything in a story. Other than making sure you don’t liable living people, you’re open to say what you want when you want.And the genre of story/essay,doesn’t exist. Either you’re writing an essay or a story. An essay requires sources for claims, a story does not.