If you have read The Outsiders, PLEASE help me to end this essay?

I have to write a 6 paragraph essay about one of the characters from the novel entitled "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. The character I chose is Sodapop. I already have the 5 other paragraphs, and the last one (6th one), has to be a concluding paragraph. I'm having trouble with it so could you PLEASE make me one or give me a few ideas or just anything that will help in the making of it! I don't know what I should write about and how I should say it!The outline we got says to try and conclude everything previously written together, in an interesting way, and also to try and end with a "bang".THANKS FOR YOUR HELP :)

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  1. golbery says:

    Well, I can’t really help you out without knowing what your paper is about, but the purpose of a concluding paragraph is to 1) restate your thesis [the main idea of the essay] and 2) restate all your supporting points. Basically, just restate the main idea of each of your previous paragraphs in their own sentences. For example [your paragraph]:”Sodapop helped Ponyboy when he was feeling down blah blah blah.”[Your sentence in the conclusion paragraph]:”Sodapop was a great brother to Ponyboy.”Haha, I hope your paper sounds better than that, but that’s the most I can help you with.Good luck.

  2. anconeta says:

    i read this book i think it will help me to answer if you posted the rest of ur essay to see what you already wrote, but idk if youve mentioned that soda always is pretty positive and upbeat? pony loves him very much because soda is very supportive of him and cares about him alot (example: soda sleeping with his arm around pony so pony wont get those dreams that he cant remember)