Which one of these is easier,and more interesting to read: “The chose:”, or “things that fall apart” ?

I have to read one of these books for a school, summer project. I have to write a 5 page essay, and do a 3 page newspaper article on one of the books. Which book is easier to understand? I would like to know, so when it comes to actually doing the project, it will be easier. (:

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One Answer to “Which one of these is easier,and more interesting to read: “The chose:”, or “things that fall apart” ?”

  1. intergroupal says:

    I think you may have gotten the titles wrong. Perhaps you meant “The chosen” and “Things Fall Apart”?I haven’t read the latter, but The Chosen is a fairly easy read. It’s about two Jewish boys in NY who play a lot of baseball, so the setting is pretty familiar, assuming you’re American. If you’re African, or know a lot about African culture, then Things Fall Apart may be easier.