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pls help me with this I am really bad writing essays. Each number is a paragraph and each paragraph has to have at least 4 sentences. pls help me i would really appreciate it. i am not sure but i think the period is somewhere around 1840's to 1880's. im not so sure.**Complete all of the following tasks.1. Define nationalism (4 points)2. Discuss the empires that were divided or negatively impacted by nationalism and give the reasons why (12pts total 4 per country)3. The discuss the two nations that were created during this period and at least two individuals that were involved for each country (12 points total)4. Explain how nationalism affects the world today by discussing one country where nationalism is a factor today. Include the issues and any important people involved (12 points)

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    This is not I’m horrible and extremely lazy so can you please do my homework so i dont have to this is homework help! Nobody is going to write your essay for you and if they do their stupid! DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!…

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    I only know one-nationalism is one’s pride in a country.