Compelling attention getter for kite runner essay?

I have to write a introductory paragraph for an essay for the novel the kite runner. Every aspect of the paragraph is done, excluding the attention getter. Now my teacher believes that it should have huge complicated words and make me look like Im a rocket scientist ha. I just cant come up with any ideas. The essay is about the literary themes that the reader feels impact the story. But i already have a thesis statement stating those. this is my current attention getter (which is terrible but its an example)Khaled Hosseini’s unique portrayal of Afghanistan in the critically acclaimed novel, The Kite Runner, evokes tremendous emotions within the reader. please help:)

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  1. boarding says:

    Well, how does Hosseini portray Afghanistan? (Good, bad) And what emotions? Why does Hosseini even want to evoke emotions from his reader, and what is his purpose in doing so? And you mentioned that this essay is about themes in the novel, but you don’t state which theme in your thesis(attention getter). The theme of friendship, family ties, country ties, how the past affects the present? All of these themes are excruciatingly prevalent in the Kite Runner.As for using big words… my advice is to only use words that you understand and don’t have any trouble understanding. If you want to say something very specific and can’t seem to find the right word, then use a thesaurus.If you use the language that you already know, you can focus all of your writing skills into conveying your thesis and persuading the audience that you know exactly what you’re trying to say. That way, you’re not putting all of your effort into learning a new set of vocabulary words :)

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    google it

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    Email me your whole essay at [email not allowed] and i will fix itor call me (not kidding) i will help