Examples of social injustice today?

I need some examples of social injustices in the world, preferably in America, today. I need a good one too because I have to write an essay about it for english

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4 Answers to “Examples of social injustice today?”

  1. overregulating says:

    The fact that smart, helpful, kind people who make a difference in the world are labeled as “nerds” and no one wants anything to do with them are shunned and turned into a laughing stock while giant steroid addicts get paid millions of dollars to run around on a field with an awkwardly shaped ball and tackle other giant steroid addicts and are treated like gods.

  2. crownin says:

    Unequal rights for homosexuals, lack of abortion rights, religious discrimination against people who are not Christian, etc.

  3. revivified says:

    I like the suggestion about rural poverty. I live in eastern ky where the coal mines are, the people are poor, ill and undereducated. They have no way to fight back against the corporations and most people in the usa don’t even know the cost of their electricity. To be a used up and cast aside human is the greatest injustice.

  4. nonmotile says:

    If you want to go with obvious easy ones, I suggest discrimination against homosexuals, the elderly, and women. A topic relating to social injustice that I find a rousing topic, however, is the injustices of rural poverty. Those impoverished in rural regions are not focused on as much as the inner-city poverty and the receive less funding. One of the reasons for this is that many who are rurally impoverished are land-owners with a vehicle and therefore are considered better off. However, what is not taken into consideration is that this land that they own is often exploited for resources (in the case of a large majority of Appalachia) and usually very far away from population centers. The land they own often has been in the family for generations and may not be suitable for growing anything. The vehicles they own may be the family tractor or a junker that may or may not get them to town to get groceries. Those suffering from rural poverty also have higher incidences of illiteracy and a very high rate of tooth loss (Mountain Dew mouth as some call it). There are a lot of resources and information about the social injustices of Appalachia, one of the biggest examples of rural poverty. It’s just an idea but since it’s a break from the usual topics, might impress a professor a bit more.