What are the different strategies one should use while writing persuasive essays?

How the author's views fit into the questions What you think of the author's argument Your position in the argument [external link] …ORINTRIGUING QUESTION STARTLING STATISTIC THREAT/OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT [external link] …OR [external link] …

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3 Answers to “What are the different strategies one should use while writing persuasive essays?”

  1. senador says:

    In ur intro write 3 points ur using to persuade the person that is going to be reading this than make 3 paragraphs for each point with plenty of detail next make a concluding paragraph saying how they will bennifet from what ever ur topic is.

  2. kem-eds says:

    One can appeal to logic, or emotions (fear, love, etc.), authority, or force. A really persuasive essay might try to work in all of these…

  3. osteoscope says:

    Rhetorical questions