Why books should have life lessons?

I am writing an essay about why literature assigned books should have life lessons in them. i need some pros and cons about why or why not. please comment with some ideas. :)

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4 Answers to “Why books should have life lessons?”

  1. aamkash says:

    Real life contains lessons. If the literature is based on reality, it should mirror the lessons along with other recognizable indicators of reality.

  2. noncreation says:

    pros: -it’s good to learn something from a novel. there isn’t a huge motivation to read something unless you’re going to ‘get something’ from it.- literature assigned means in school, right? i guess having life lessons in school books allows the chosen texts to have some kind of depth in their content. you wouldn’t just make a student read for the hell of it. you want to teach them something while their brains are still at that absorbing stage!cons: – sometimes people just want to escape into novels and not want to think about large ‘life issues’. if it’s done subtlety however, like most good books do, it is fine.- sometimes having life lessons can detract from the author’s freedom in writing? say, they cannot be as creative in their writing if they feel the constant need/pressure to be emitting a ‘great purpose’/life lesson etc. take a lot of stream-of-consciousness, abstract or non-sequitor books for example. i don’t think there’s a life lesson in a lot of famous literary books, in fact a lot have quite immoral stories to some extent. because the author doesn’t have to worry about creating some big happy ending, they can be as expressive as they want. life doesn’t always have to end perfect and synthesised, it can be messy.

  3. hpldt says:

    It is important because life lessons are the whole reason for literature, gal. Despite the impression that kids get from teachers who concentrate on the technical elements of literature that they studied as English majors, the most important idea about literature is what it says about real life (also called “theme,” if you want a term). However, because of this “teacherly” example, kids get to thinking that the details are more important–which leads grown ups into the erroneous thinking that literature is irrelevant and unimportant. Search “mimesis.” Literature was psychology and sociology centuries before those two areas of study were even invented. Also, do not use googled resources like this one. There is much erroneous thinking on this site along with much erroneous information. :)

  4. sizal says:

    Book should have life lessons so that the reader can get and learn something from the book.