What kind of people get scholarships?

I'm just thinking... I never win these kinds of stuff like scholarships. I have a 3.8 GPA because I got two Bs freshman year. Im good in math and science BUT.... Im not good in writing essays.I suck talking about myself.What are the chances I win a big scholarship essay contest?I mean... most, if not all, scholarship contests are essay contests. Isnt that a disadvantage to anyone who aren't very good in writing essays?

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3 Answers to “What kind of people get scholarships?”

  1. hornsby says:

    talented people and very smart people

  2. prizefighting says:

    our local school is currently offering a scholarship for people to sing in their glee club/chior… anyone can apply, those selected to be in the group are offered one year full-tuition scholarship for the major of their choice for each year they participatejust keep your eyes out for scholarship offerings

  3. espmail says:

    Well personally I’ve applied to many scholarships, now you don’t have to be talented in everything to get a scholarship, if your good in math and science there’re many scholarships for those stuff. Now almost all scholarships will ask you to write an essay, in your case i would say try to write as good as you can , and of course focus on the ideas while writing and make some one fix it for you, you can use a lot of websites including this one. But note that being good at math and science won’t get you a scholarship easily, there’re millions of students who have a perfect GPA, took AB classes, Honor classes,etc. You need to be special in your own way, for example I’m working on a project “which is an invention ” and i got 82k scholarship over 4 years, so yea try to be innovative and special as much as you can, because there will be smarter students with better scores than you. You can also use zinch.com and kinda websites to search for scholarships. GOOD LUCK!