English homework letter help please, 10 points for the best answer?

homework is about writing a cover letter ( we had to put all our essays, summaries and other home works in one portfolio file and now we have to write a cover letter for that). in the first paragraph we have to write self assessment statement of the student in relation with his/her personal goals. His/her reflections on the learning experiences & processes, etc.In the second paragraph we have to write a summary of portfolio tasks and practices(what he.she has done during the portfolio process). A demonstration of strengths and weaknesses & improvements, etc. (Anything that the student wants to share with the teacher in relation to the portfolio process or learning process in general.) A brief statement of how they have benefited from the portfolio work.Please write a simple letter with all these contents, my mark depends on that and u will get 10 points if your answer is the best one

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  1. tarage says:

    LOL I’m not doing your homework. Besides, I have no idea what your portfolio was about, so how do you expect me to write about it?