Pony boy! outsiders book help!?

hi , i need you guys to help me out of this, i was reading the outsiders book but i didn't`t not finish book.and my teacher tell me to write a essay to compare and contrash pony boy and ........ so in this way , i need every detail that about pony boy.it have be like , what pony boy likes and what did he do and does he friendly and is he a nice person , is he a hero, and add that u think i should to add to my compare and contrast ponyboy and .....

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2 Answers to “Pony boy! outsiders book help!?”

  1. antiapoplectic says:

    Watch the movie

  2. kermit says:

    Ponyboy does his own homework. The result is the novel you chose not to read. Try SparkNotes.