Sixth graders should not have recess RESEARCHING HELP!?

in class we're doing a persuasive essay on whether sixth graders should have recess or not. and u get to choose if ur pro or con. im con, so i would be writing mi whole essay about why sixth graders should NOT get recess! this is the big writing thing of the year, and i want to get the best grade i can, so i was wondering if u guys could give me ur opinions on why sixth graders shouldn't get recess. BTW-lol, this doesn't mean that I don't want to have recess, i wuz just up for the challenge. :)

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  • 6th grade argumentative essays on should we have recess\

3 Answers to “Sixth graders should not have recess RESEARCHING HELP!?”

  1. irutnev says:

    It’s always a smarter move to write an essay based on a point of view that gives you more to write about, even if it contradicts your own opinion.Edit- recess is like a break for the kids, where they can actually hang out with their friends, and interact socially with other students. Do you expect those young kids to stay in class and do work all day long? I’d hate to have you for a teacher.And what do you mean when you say child obesity is good? In what way is it good? This has nothing to do with the economy. Do you even know what economy means?

  2. Sobralia says:

    well its nice ur taking a risk but i think you should be pro its much more facts that you can base ur essay on with the fact that obesity is huge nd our kids need recess with all the news related articles out today you could surely get a great grade if you were pro

  3. eharris says:

    write the side that you have more support for… in this case I think it is much easier to support the pro side.