To what extent should we pursue national interest?

"Nations should pursue their national interests regardless of the impact that may have on other nations."To what extent should we agree with the statement in the source?Please help? I just need some ideas & a bit of details for each. This is for my social 20-1 essay.

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  1. baaammm says:

    Yes I believe that is true , but then what are their true national interests ?Hitler like obama thought it was in the national interest to print money and inflate the german economy , they said who cares print and borrown money , then home prices fell in germany , just like here,,,,, people said hey Hitler is good print more money Mr Hitler so he did , just like Obama does then one day the Gemans discovered their homes FELL TO THE PRICE OF ONE PENNEY AND A WHEEL BARREL OF MONEY COULD NOT EVEN BUY A LOAF OF BREAD,,,, the Germany people were starving , they said what to do Mr Hitler ,,,,,,two weeks later Hitler declared war on Europe , he said to France give your stuff or I will Kill you and he did , he went on to kill 65 million people and destroy the nation of germany and most of Europe Then Germany realized this was not in their national interest , to overspend like Obama does so BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU THINK YOUR NATIONAL INTEREST IS,,,,,,,,Most likely its in your interest to not overspend and try to cheat others , your national interest is in working hard earning what you get , not stealing from another nation and not creating a war and not lying to your people