Can someone help me with my essay?

This is my essay, i need it to be longer. but other than that any suggestions or changes should i make?One Brave Man Citizen, communist, counterspy. Herbert Philbrick shares his amazing life story in his biography, "I Led 3 Lives". A normal American citizen, who stumbles across a large communist group plotting against America. Reporting to the FBI, they make Philbrick a spy. Herbert Philbrick was a sales man in Boston, he was married and religious, like any other twenty-five year old man in 1940. While going door to door handing out plumbing samples he came across The Cambridge Youth Council. Little did Philbrick know that this wasn’t a Youth Council at all, but truly a communist group covering as a Youth Council. "When I walked out of Mrs. Mill's office that day, stacks of Youth Council literature in my brief case, I stepped onto that treacherous tight rope for nine years, the three lives. But I didn’t know that then." (12). Philbrick unknowingly accepted to become part of the Cambridge Youth Council; they asked him to start a weekly Youth Group in his neighborhood and he accepted. The Communists tried to lure Youth to help them take over America. Eventually Philbrick caught on to the fact that he was dealing with Communists, he was sure of it, but he had no proof. He went to the F.B.I for help "If you are interested in finding out, couldn’t you stay with this crowd…and get close enough to them to learn what their up to?" (38). Instead of dealing with the communists themselves they had Philbrick become a counterspy, to see if the Youth Council was truly a communist group and to find out what their plans were. For nine years Herbert Philbrick led three lives. His deep dedication saved America, putting a large group of communists in jail. Citizen, Communist, counterspy; Philvrick led three lives that only we can imagine would happen in the movies.

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  1. daugherty says:

    Well, you sound like you are trying to make it short. i would just elaborate on some of the points you made. You also sound a little bit like you copied the first 6 words out of something you read. Or maybe more.