Canadian Navy in WWII Essay outline help(gr.10)?

I need to set this up..with CORRECT info..plz help:Paragraph#1Main Argument___________________?Proof 1_________?proof2___________?proof 3_____________?Pragraph 2 Main Argument_____________?Proof 1_______________?Proof 2_____________?Proof 3_______________?Paragrapgh 3Main Argument_______________?Proof 1_______________?Proof 2_____________?Proof 3____________?i tried to do this..but i cant quite figure out which indo is like the more i need basically 3 main arguments..and proofs for each..n its freakin due fri!-dunno y tha hell my teachr cant just ask for the final essay? I HATE IT! NOT KOOl. anyways..anyone who helps like..the greatest person evr-lol. thanx

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  1. deeryard says:

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  2. capraro says:

    When did Canada enter the war?How did the Canadian Navy participate?When did Canada last participate in the war effort?What is so hard about this?If someone else does the work for you you won’t learn!

  3. redressible says:

    To the best of my knowledge, the Canadian Navy in WWII was basically limited to Anti-submarine escort duties for convoys in the North Atlantic ocean. They had a few escort carriers but otherwise nothing larger than a destroyer. Lots of Destroyer Escorts and Corvettes, but no cruisers or battleships. Look in a history of WWII particularly the Battle of the Atlantic. You can break it down after that.