How to write a 5 paragraph narrative essay aout a positive influence?

i have to write a narrative essay on someone who has been a positive influence. I want to do it on my biology teacher but i don't no how to format it or start it?Here is the prompt:Write an essay about someone who influenced you in a positive way.As you write, remember your story will be scored based on how well you:develop a multi-paragraph response to the assigned topic that clearly communicates the purpose of your story to the audience.describe the characters, setting, and conflict using meaningful sensory descriptions and details that enable the reader to visualize the experiences in your narrative.organize your story in a clear and logical manner, including a beginning, middle and end.use well-structured sentences and language that are appropriate for your audience.edit your work to conform to the conventions of standard American English.

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  1. epicures says:

    Raul, how are we supposed to know this when we don’t know your biology teacher?”Mrs. Smith is a positive influence because she…”Now fill in the rest, LOL.