Is writing about how getting arrested changed me a good college essay topic?

i was thinking about writing how getting arrested made me a better student and that it made me work harder to achieve my goals and made me more determined and stuff like that. but i don't know whether writing about being arrested will make the colleges not want to accept me. so du u think i should write about that or pick a new topic because that one is to risky

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3 Answers to “Is writing about how getting arrested changed me a good college essay topic?”

  1. reftype says:

    A very good question.I think you should really REALLY try to find another way to express that. Like how you had a cataclysmic event that moved you from the road to personal destruction to really wanting to do something with your life. Find another way. Find another example. You can write about your life’s circumstance and some of the hardships and temptations you have faced down and how you got a slap in the face and had an awakening of sorts. Then get into what this education at their college will mean to you (as personal growth and the promise of your future is concerned).Write an outline. Write it out and then edit the bejesus out of it for content, spelling grammar and punctuation.

  2. castrates says:

    Yes. I don’t necessarily agree with the other answers that you should change the word “arrested” b/c you will have to answer this question on your college application anyway.

  3. sciaenid says:

    Maybe you can change the words instead of saying “arrested”. You can write about that. The main thing is that you learned something from it. What they would probably look for is if you applied what you are learning, like, to tell others to be careful. Basically telling your experience and be like a role model for others to look up to. Learning a lesson isn’t really about the self, but for others. The reason why we go through “rough times” is to learn from and help others in the same hole. So yeah I would write about that especially if the changes are pretty worth talking about.