Social injustice topics?

ya i have an essay do in a couple weeks but i have no idea what topic would be perfect fro social injustice. here's my professors requirements:Once you’ve chosen an injustice, be it domestic or global, you’ll need to do some additional research on your topic and possibly some additional narrowing of your topic, though at this point your only objective is to find a short essay or news article to analyze – nothing more.Writing the Introduction Begin by introducing your subject – identify the injustice, provide a fact about it (like a stat or a date of origin), etc. Then say something about the news org or group, the author, the actual text you’ll be analyzing – you could even provide a brief summary of your text here. Lastly, you’ll need to make a claim about the meaning of your chosen text and pair that with a list of 3-4 supporting pieces of evidence from the text.  APA cover page and pagination APA reference page APA in-text citation 12 point, Times New Roman font Double spacing throughout 3 full pages to 4 full pages in length Grammatical, mechanical, and syntactical coherence1 hour ago - 4 days left to answer.

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