Who is a good person to do a report on?

I have to do a "World Leader Essay" in History, and I don't know who to do it on.Requirements:Person must be a leader in one of the following: - Politics - Economy - Religion - Social - Intellectual - Arts and CultureThey must have lived no earlier than 1800, and must be from outside the United States and Canada.

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5 Answers to “Who is a good person to do a report on?”

  1. pantera says:

    martin luther king junior

  2. humerocubital says:

    john kennedy or general george patton

  3. phuoc says:

    Barack Obama (president from Honululu) or Bob Marley (reggae singer)

  4. tilletiaceous says:

    Sigmund Freud, world-renowned founder of the psychoanalytical school of psychology. From Austria.

  5. okie says:

    Nelson Mandela, he is a fascinating man who is the president of South Africa. During times of segregation he was actually in jail, for something like 23 years. Another interesting person could be Gandhi… thats all I got.