Can someone look over my essay? the woman who’s on is ridiculous! she would not peer edit my essay!?

i asked her repeatedly to look over my essay and she would not and now the tutor session is closed! can anyone look over my essay? my email is [email not allowed] f u can look at it please give me ur email so i can send u my paper. PLEASE I NEED SOMEONE TO LOOK AT IT! MY ESSAY IS DUE TOMORROW ITS ONLY 2 PAGES! PLEASE SPARE A MOMENT OF UR TIME! THANKS!

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2 Answers to “Can someone look over my essay? the woman who’s on is ridiculous! she would not peer edit my essay!?”

  1. brood says:

    I could try to help. I’m not very reliable though. This is my alias e-mail for spam and these situations : [email not allowed] . Feel free to send it to me.

  2. bilocation says:

    Try our some other tutoring firms in future, where tutors are really ready and experienced to help you out !I can approach my tutors any time and they give me extra time too(isn’t it great ! )