Can you have cellphones in Suicide mental wards?

im just wondering, im not suicidal so dont worry. im doing this for a essay, what all can you have in mental wards? or if you have to stay there for a certain amount of time, to prove that your safe to get your phone or laptop back or anything?

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4 Answers to “Can you have cellphones in Suicide mental wards?”

  1. esipsed says:

    I don’t think so. It may take months and months.

  2. renelle says:

    I have experienced this personally, many times. I have never been allowed any electronics no matter where I was or how long I was there. You can’t have shoestrings or belts(trust me, it’s a good idea). You can’t even have brushes or toothbrushes on your person unless it’s scheduled. In most cases, if you are allowed to smoke, you can’t carry your cigarettes with you. You are allowed to make phone calls at the scheduled time(s). Look up SHARPS lists for mental hospitals. You’ll get all the information you need. Also, visitation is allowed on scheduled days and times.

  3. menaker says:

    yes you are if you are on an EDU but you are not allowed to have it on during meal times…. or in therapy / groups….PS they are not called suicide or mental wards! they are psychiatric wards!

  4. Asiatically says:

    I doubt it because I’ve hear they sometimes can interfere with pacemakers.They also have signs at the doctors saying turn it off.Best Wishes.Mars Mission.