Help. writing an essay on the importance of education. how should i start it?

Hello...Importance of EducationThe importance of learning in enabling the individual to put his potentials to optimal use is self-evident. Without education, the training of the human minds is incomplete. No individual is a human being in the working world until he has been educated in the proper sense. Now I'm not saying you're not a human being without education. The mind was made to be trained and without education, a person is incomplete in that sense. Education makes man a right thinker and a correct decision-maker. It achieves this by bringing him knowledge from the external world, teaching him to reason, and acquainting him with past history, so that he may be a better judge of the present. Without education, man, as it were, is shut up in a windowless room. With education, he finds himself in a room with all its windows open to the outside world. In other words, people who are not educated have less opportunity to do what they want to do.A person that gets a good education will...You can get more info here:

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  1. kilowatt says:

    The best thing to do when you’re in the situation you’re in, writing about Education, you want it to seem that you love education. It’s always nice to exaggerate. Just always remember, it’s okay to lie when you are explaining whatever you’re writing about to whoever you’re writing to won’t ever know the truth, because they don’t know you. They aren’t going to research you. :P Maybe start out with, “Education is always important when discussing the future. Education can be the icebreaker between graduating and earning a nice paying job, or only being paid minimal wage because you never graduated. Education is important now, and always will be important.”Then further explain…..

  2. preaddress says:

    For many years in the past and many to come, education has been proven to provide more than simply knowledge to it’s students, it has given the students values, morals, important friendships, and a true understanding of the daily challenges of the world.