Hey, do you think I will get into UPENN?

I have a 2.99 GPA, Which is an 83. And my SAT score is 380 on reading, 620 on math and 350 on writing. I will be taking subject test on janruary. and the toefl too. the applcation and all the supplement things are submitted, do you think I will get in?And by the way, I am the first one in my extended family to attend college, and I have some really good stories in my personal essays.Do they factor? WILL I GET IN!? PLease explain your answers in details!

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2 Answers to “Hey, do you think I will get into UPENN?”

  1. jointureless says:

    I hate to break it to you — but there is no way that you will get into Penn or any Ivy League school. With your grades and scores, they are out of the question. 75% of the students who get admitted to those schools have SAT scores over 2100 and graduate in the top 10% of their classes. They typically have GPAs over 4.0 — because they take AP classes that boost their numbers.Even though your math score is less than the typical Ivy League student — it is still a decent score. But your reading and writing scores are quite low. I understand that you probably aren’t a native English speaker (otherwise you would not be taking the TOEFL) — but you need to bring them up a little.If you can bring up your scores a little. you will probably get accepted at a very good school — but not a great university.

  2. unreinstated says:

    Having your family background (ie first in family to go to college) is a plus, but grades and scores do make a difference. Your grades and scores seem lower than the average scores accepted by UPenn.Here is the incoming student profile as provided by UPenn’s Admissions website: [external link] ‘s hard for anyone to say whether or not you will get into a college just by grades and scores alone. I had plenty of classmates that had much higher scores that did NOT get into UPenn. However, don’t be discouraged since anything really is possible. Acceptance into ANY college is a crapshoot, so don’t despair. If you don’t get into UPenn, I’m sure there are other colleges that will accept you.Good luck.