What do you think of my essay on why we should be in the middle east?

American president, George W. Bush recently sent 20,000 troops to Iraq. As like with all decisions, many disagree with his choice of actions. He may not be completely correct in your eyes; nevertheless, there is some method to his madness.To keep peace among readers, I shall admit that there is a downfall to the deployment of increased numbers of soldiers abroad. With sending out our men and women, we are sending them to a possible death. Despite matters, recruits are well aware that they may be called out to active duty at any time. For that is their job, from the moment they enlist to the second they receive discharge papers, their job is to protect the United States of America; to protect the American way of life. The first topic supporting the deployment of 20,000 American troops draws upon the words of President George W. Bush, "We will help the Iraqis execute their aggressive plan to secure their capital. Eighty percent of Iraq's sectarian violence occurs within 30 miles of Baghdad. The new plan to secure Baghdad fixes the problems that prevented previous operations from succeeding. This time, there will be adequate Iraqi and U.S. forces to hold the areas that have been cleared, including more Iraqi forces and five additional brigades of American troops committed to Baghdad." This means that with the help of our forces, crime will be significantly diminished in Iraq and Baghdad specifically. You may wonder to yourself, "What does some city, half a world away, have to do with me?’ The answer is quite simple, religion and politics. The Iraqi people, along with the help of Americans, are attempting to create a government of their own. As long as the American people hold the Iraqis government to their word, $10 billion of their own money will be spent on reconstruction projects that will create new jobs. It is very likely that the government will hold to their word due to the possible lack of support from the Iraqi and American people. If we leave now, without creating them stable employment and government, there will only be chaos. You see, in the Middle East, the Sunni and Shiites are constantly fighting. And now that there is no stable government, who will take over? Will it be Iran, a country full of Shiite supporters? Well that may cause Jordan or Saudi Arabia to join with their fellow Sunni’s. The Middle East gets tenser and stiffer, the number of countries involved just escalates, and then Israel starts to feel threatened, there is too much religious unrest. What happens when Sunni and Shiite’s decide to put aside their difference for a while and get rid of the Jews? So Israel joins the war. Soon the countries populated with Jews and Christians get pulled in, and others soon follow. Quite soon you have every religion in the world tied in, a full-blown World War; World War IIIA third world war would simply be down right awful. It is possible that it would take many years, it is possible it may never happen. But think, if it does, what would happen to your children, maybe even your grandchildren? Will thoughts of horrors of their future race through their brains? Will we be safe at home in our beds at night? Might we have the need to move away from our families and friends? Shall our children be born with disabilities due to nuclear explosions?’ It will be no better then any worldwide war before. I know of the tragedies of war, as does everyone of you who has cared to read this far. I also know that whenever a soldier comes home on ice, or his on own two feet, families are proud to have such a brave son or daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister; maybe father or mother. They understand that there is a reason for them leaving. They understand that this is the only way to protect our American way of life. Since the days of Plymouth, to those of the American Revolution until those as recent as most every Middle Eastern conflict until now, we have stood together as one unity, America. And now, when unity is the thing we need most, we fail. So mayhap those who disagree with this war, will now join us and protect our values, because freedom, well, freedom sure ain’t free.

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5 Answers to “What do you think of my essay on why we should be in the middle east?”

  1. depender says:

    Very good. I would disagree with the way the Middle East falls apart in your story, but tragic all the same. A++

  2. blomberg says:

    As long as the terrorist get blown to hell,as far as your essay,its ok.

  3. aspersed says:

    You’re right; it’s pure crap from premise to conclusion. A bunch of jingoistic rush limbaugh bumper stickers.You’re worried about the sectarian civil war in Iraq escalating into a worlwide conflict? Remember who started it. And don’t you DARE compare the American revolutionary war to bush’s war in Iraq. Americans EARNED their own freedom, it wasn’t handed to them by another outside invasive force, or with a huge, bloodstained IOU attached to it.

  4. depolish says:

    I think it very good keep up the good work

  5. precerebral says:

    Please write a one- or two-sentence summary, so we can determine just what it is that you advocate..