Who can help me with CATCHER IN THE RYE?

i have some questions about the book. i havent read it but i sparknoted it and i managed to get most of my answers with the exception of a few.1. Why does Holden go to see his history teacher? describe the encounter.2. What is the name of the book Holden's older brother wrote? Discuss what the book is about3. If you were Holden's parent's how would you describe him to the police if he went missing?Write an argumentative essay, either supporting or rejecting the belief that Holden Caulfield has heroic qualities.you obviously dont have to write an essay but i was thinking to write no he is not a hero but i dont know many arguments to that. please give me some pointersi know many of you are going to bash on me for putting my homework up but truth is those are the questions i have trouble with and my hw consists of 20 questions so these are the ones i have problems with. thanks a million

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  1. apophylactic says:

    Well it is a great book and some of these answers you would be able to find if you read it. The question about the book is self-evident if you read it. The history teacher is somewhat interpretive but its easy to discover if you read it. The third question is completely subjective and up to your own interpretation based on Holden’s actions.Whether Holden is a hero, well now, that’s an interesting concept.I didn’t feel he was a hero in a traditional sense and its hard to place a concept of why he was. His personality and actions represent those of a fallen hero, but he certainly doesn’t inspire anyone but rather shows the fallacy of aging, a society bent on education and working.