Why are people so paranoid nowadays?

I'm doing an essay on political correctness and I am wondering why everybody is so scared of being offensive ie racism, sexism, religion, homosexuality etc. I mean in no way am I any of those things! I hate racism and I am in no way homophobic but I was wondering why political correctness has gone so far. Is it to do with the media or is there some other reason?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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4 Answers to “Why are people so paranoid nowadays?”

  1. uid/gid says:

    People being oversensitive, mainly.Even I take care not to include too much profanity or offensive text, or something like that. The media has largely influenced and inclined the people into thinking that way. Flamers, religious fanatics, political fanboys,etc., this kind of people, usually take to insulting their competitors in an effort to discourage them from what they’re doing and gain the upper hand. Or, it is just out of pure hate. In this internet era, it has become a lot easier to just free your mind out and get away with it a lot easier. It is not impossible to trace them out, but just difficult – it is for this reason, mainly, that the number of such flamers has increased. You can find religious insult spread all over forums, websites, even on this very site – and though efforts have been made to reduce such crap, it is very difficult. And, well, people just take things too seriously and think too deep into things, mainly due to the unpredictable, totally random world that the internet is, in this age of satire and sarcasm.You find a high amount of satire in the entertainment sector too. Take Dr.Strangeglove, for example. I never watched the movie, but I heard of its high satire content. And this type of entertainment is what interests me most. And even games are having such satire………..the best in this category is GTA IV. Purest form of satire I’ve ever seen. Right from the eating habits of the Americans to the TV shows – and right to the stereotypes – this game has it nailed.Well, my conclusion:People take such little things far too seriously and their weak mental strength to withstand such trivial implications of insult and insecurity and the media have paved way for their paranoia and personal insecurity.

  2. redo says:

    The reason why people are so paranoid is because as soon as someone says a little something about a person’s race, gender, religion, or sexuality, a group representing that race, gender, religion, or sexuality will be quick to blow it out of proportion and get the media involved to drag that person’s name through the mud. One thing that people fail to realize before they make a mountain out of a molehill is that some of the same people that say a little something about another group of people also have previously said many things about groups that they themselves are a part of. For example, before Kat Williams made statements about gays (and I love how he refused to apologize), he has made plenty of other statements about blacks. Also, I love Sanford and Son, and I was just thinking about how some of the jokes they made on the show would not be acceptable now. But a person criticizing a show like that fails to realize that they equally make fun of everyone, not just whites and Puerto Ricans, but blacks too; not just gays, but straight people too; not just women, but men too; not just Jews, but Baptists too.Someone may say that it doesn’t belong to a person to say anything about a group that they aren’t a part of, no matter how small. Personally, I feel like living in this world means that we will notice things, and we can’t just turn a blind eye to everything as if it doesn’t exist in the name of political correctness. That is the very thing that led up to the London riots, according to one news article I read. It said that people in London don’t like to address race because addressing it means that there is a problem, and only lands like America make public their racial problems. I think people need to just chill. Not every statement a person says about a group of people equals hatred. People should be able to tell the difference.

  3. garrulous says:

    You said “in no way am I any of those things”.Now, put this conversation into real life (in case you’re too afraid to bring it up in real life, that could explain why you’re posting it here). If you were talking to a black person and said those things, you would emphasise “in no way am I that”. It’s funny, we do it out of fear assuming each other holds those values and will defend them.If we all just let go and acted as if such values didn’t exist anymore, they, well, wouldn’t.The media have planted a seed of suspicion deep into our hearts.I hope this influences you.Don’t get defensive or anything, but you, as I, am guilty of such things!Study a bit of a psychology, that’d add an extra twist. ;)

  4. pectinibranchian says:

    Media pushes certain ideas but theyre not wrong until ppl start abidding them. People are afraid to think by themselves so they live in fear. Its almost like some people were programmed to live like this