How could i justify the isolationist position that the U.S. should not enter WWII?

I have to write an essay as if i were in that time period persuading the american public not to enter WWII. This was before Pearl Harbor mind you. what would a good thesis be or how would i even justify it?

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10 Answers to “How could i justify the isolationist position that the U.S. should not enter WWII?”

  1. blacktree says:

    Well the most obvious would be that it just was not our business , we were not being attacked

  2. limonene says:

    That seems hard to pull off. But you could argue that America got nothing out of joining the Allies/Entente in WWI.

  3. cetomorphic says:

    Many of those adults that were alive during WWII were around during the Civil War and WWI. After WWII a million U.S. soldiers died during their life time and the Cold War was heating up. So seeing two big wars in the past made them nervous about a large upcoming war.

  4. twink says:

    easyWorld War Onethat was a HUGE justification for staying out of Europe’s problems.

  5. undeckt says:

    Well I would study what the history books have to say about the social and economic conditions at that time. Look at speeches form political leaders. Basically I am saying if I were you I would do my own research.

  6. encumbers says:

    Take a look on-line at all the anti-Iraq-war sites. The same argument applies…it’s not our problem; it’s a war without end; we are loosing our service members for nothing; it costs too much..Or you could google Americans protest U.S. involvement with WWII…Good luck and God speed.

  7. finnbsc says:

    That nations like France would still hate us even if we liberated them.

  8. writted says:

    I don’t know that you could make this argument, at least not one that would have lasted for any length of time.What most people don’t seem to know is that there were demonstrations by Americans protesting WWII prior to our involvement. Agreed, it was a conflict that did not involve us, although it did tend to threaten a great number of our world wide interests.Prior to our entrance into the war, Americans were seeing the rise of the German-American Bund within the states and Hitler was beginning to gain favor with a number of Americans, not only German-Americans. Even without the attack on Pearl Harbor, our country would most likely have been drawn into the war to assist England, which was putting up a tremendous fight against the Germans during the Battle of Britain. Eventually, had Germany conquered England, their very next step would have been the United States. Essentially, I believe the isolationist movement prior to our entry into the war was short sighted and ultimately would have caused us more harm than good.

  9. droopys says:

    The prevailing opinion at that time (I believe 90% of the American public) did NOT favor entering the war. The justification is simple: Why lose American lives and money over a war-torn continent that never seems to get along? What do we have to gain?However, obviously, that attitude changed on Dec 7, 1941.

  10. ergot says:

    Name your thesis”Its Europe’s War”. My mother who lived during that time has told me that the country was very fractured like it is now, and that the country was still digging itself out of the depression so most Americans didn’t care what was going on in Europe. Of course it was that attitude that caused the damn war in the first place.