Does Stanford check freshman grades?

Most people I have asked say that they don't, but my research has left me in a cloud of confusion. Does Stanford University check your grades from your freshman year of high school? My first semester gpa was a 2.6 (Unweighted. Terrible, I know,) but then I switched into independent studies for the second semester, so I had to drop biology because the independent studies program didn't teach it, which I had a C in, (I'm retaking it next year), and Latin, which I had an A in (which I am also retaking next year.) I know that most schools don't count half-credits, so I factored those out of my second semester gpa. (My second semester gpa was 4.0.) I will be returning to conventional high school for my sophomore, junior, and senior year. (The reason I went into independent studies in the first place was being I was diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder and my therapist recommended it. Also, I've had serious home problems that I've had to learn to overcome. I suppose I could include those things in my college essays.)I guess my question is, if I take advanced classes in everything but math, (which I am terrible at,) and non-academic electives for the rest of my high school career and stay involved in extra curriculars, do I have a shot at Stanford University?Thank you for your time. :)

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2 Answers to “Does Stanford check freshman grades?”

  1. datasci says:

    yes. even if they don’t check your individual grades (which i am quite sure they do check), a poor freshman year performance will impact your overall GPA, which i can assure beyond a shadow of a doubt is checked and is one of the most important factors in admission.the fact that you have a legitimate reason for the terrible freshman GPA will certainly help you quite a bit, but only if you get 4.0s in every semester until you graduate. that is not an exaggeration–almost everyone you will be competing against for admission will have above a 3.9 out of 4.0. plenty of kids with 4.0s get rejected, so unless you show that you are absolutely rock-solid academically and that freshman year was an anomaly, explaining that you had medical/home issues will not help you, and you really have little chance of acceptance.i hate to sound mean, but if you are looking for ways to make your schedule easier (non-advanced math, non-academic electives), i don’t think stanford is the place for you. people applying are getting those 4.0 unweighted GPAs by taking the most difficult academic classes possible, not by skimping out on math and taking ‘fun’ electives, and to really succeed at a school like stanford, you have to be the type of student who seeks out and enjoys those academic challenges. for comparison, when i applied, i had taken 8 AP classes, honors classes in everything not offered as AP, two languages for all four years, and the top-level competing symphonic band for four years. i didn’t take ‘fun’ electives. i thought AP English and AP Statistics *were* fun. and i ended senior year with a 3.98 because of a B in AP Calculus and a B in Honors Spanish senior year–that’s after having a 4.0 taking the most difficult classes possible for seven semesters. i had a 2200+ SAT, a huge amount of awards and competitions and blahblahblah, president/in leadership roles in 4 or 5 clubs at my high school, founded a writing competition, very successful athletic background, etc etc. i got waitlisted. plenty of people from my school with similar/better stats got rejected. one girl–that’s all–got in. she had the same classes i did, a 4.0, perfect ACT score, great extracurriculars, and all that, and she was an underrepresented minority. stanford is HARD to get into. if you can take all the hardest classes possible and do exceedingly well in them, by all means apply. it’s an awesome school. but don’t get your heart set on a school this difficult to get into, especially if you aren’t quite making the cut academically.i’m not saying you can’t get in, but you haven’t done yourself any favors freshman year. so good luck. and long story short, yes, stanford checks freshman grades. …..omg. sorry for writing you an essay. whoops.

  2. rhizopodist says:

    Every college text your freshman and sophomore year and they are the most important years. Just keep trying to get straight As. To get into Stanford you need straight As and do other clubs and sports. It isn’t easy at all. Just keep doing your hardest believe me. I just slipped by my freshman year this year. That’s not the way to go. Try your hardest and you can do anything.