The Crisis, Number 1 by Thomas Paine Questions?

According to the first paragraph, who will "shrink from the service of his country?" What will the people who do not shrink from service deserve? According to the first paragraph, what has Britain declared? According to the final paragraph, what will a person "whose heart is firm" pursue "unto death?" What opinion of offensive wars does Paine express in the final paragraph? What does Paine mean when he refers to "the summer soldier" and "the sunshine patriot?" What is the point of Paine's story about the tavern keeper at Amboy? Name two emotions to which Paine appeals in his essay. How might a colonist who had remained loyal to the British react to Paine's argument? Paine uses the aphorism "the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph" to express his belief that hardships faced by the American forces during the war will make their eventual victory more meaningful. Find one more aphorism used in Paine's essay and explain the point he is making with it.

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