What do you think of my Ghandi essay?

Mohandas Ghandi was a leader in India’s fight for independence. He also helped Indian civil rights in South Africa. He fought for women’s rights, Hindu and Muslim peace, and even influenced Martin Luther King Jr. Amazingly, he did this without violence. In Ghandi’s early years of his marriage, he was very strict with his wife. Whenever she wanted to go out anywhere she always had to consult Ghandi first. Later on in their marriage he came to understand that he was being to strict on his wife. He also thought that women all over India weren’t being treated right and he wanted them to be equal with men. Don’t be fooled though, he wasn’t a feminist even though he thought that women shouldn’t be restricted to just the kitchen and should be equal to men. Ghandi used a way of protesting called satyatgraha. Satyatgraha is when your protest without using violence even if the people you’re protesting against does or nonviolent civil disobedience. An example is, when Ghandi was burning the registrations the British gave the Indians, they beat Ghandi for protesting against them. He took the blows, but he didn’t fight back and no one else on his side did either. When Ghandi was young he went to England to study to be a lawyer. When he finished he went to South Africa for his first case. On his way to Pretoria he was kicked out of a first class buggy because he was colored. This made him realize the problems that Indians faced everyday in South Africa. In South Africa, Indian’s rights weren’t equal to the British. If a white person was walking on the sidewalk and a person of darker skin was walking on the same sidewalk as you, they would have to move out of the way into the street or gutter. Another example of unequal rights was a when a child turned 8 he/she had to register so that the British could keep track of them. In India also, the Indian’s didn’t get treated equally. He protested this in many ways, such as the Salt March, making home-spun everyday to make clothes, and having peaceful protest meetings. In the Salt March he gathered many people and went to the Indian Ocean to make salt. The reason of this was because the English made it illegal for Indians to buy Indian salt. They had to but British salt. This also goes for cloth and clothing. Ghandi also protested for Hindu and Muslim peace. At all of his speeches both Hindu and Muslims were there. Ghandi never discriminated because of race or religion. He wanted them all to get along. Some of his speeches were about recognizing the issues they had together and about trying to stop it. Every time they started to fight he fasted to punish himself from letting it happen. In India there is this thing called the cast system. It starts with slaves and it goes up to very rich people. The slaves, or the Untouchables, are the ones who do the dirty work such as cleaning the toilets. Ghandi wanted everyone to have equal rights. On April 13, 1919 the Amristar Massacre happened. This massacre was very important because all Ghandi was doing was having a peaceful protest because 2 of the members of the Indian National Congress were arrested. There were about 10,000 woman, children, and men there. Edward Dyer ordered soldiers to open fire on all of the people. There was only 1 way to get out and the soldiers were blocking it. There were only two bullets that missed. Ghandi has been arrested numerous times. He expected this to happen, but he kept on protesting. Sometime after the Amristar Massacre Ghandi called for civil disobedience across India. About 2 years after, Ghandi was chared for sedition. After the Salt March Ghandi was arrested for Salt Laws and civil disobedience happens all throughout India. On January 30, 1948 Ghandi was assassinated by a Hindu because some Hindus thought Ghandi was giving the Muslims to much freedom. After Ghandi’s assassination the Muslims formed there own country now called Pakistan. Ghandi was a hero and inspiration for many, many people. Mohandas Ghandi wasn’t just known for leading India, but he was also known for doing it without violence. He made amazing leaps in freedom.

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  1. shekhar says:

    It was very good. It explained in detail about Gandhi contribution and influence not only on India, the world but also several people. You did good but as I was reading this I felt as of it was rushed. Try to organize the paragraphs in groups and write in a slower rythem.

  2. butlers says:

    Sorry about that, but I thought you have deliberately distorted the facts. Regards, Waqar from Pakistan Report Abuse

  3. tooldir says:

    Bullshit…. Pakistan was created with the efforts of Muslims under the guidance of their leaders. Gandhy opposed Pakistan’s creation. And Pakistan was created on 14th August 1947, while Gandhi was assassinated in 1948!