Alright so I'm in Brooklyn, New York. I've sat through about a month of summer school because I failed the global history regents in June 2009, due to the lack of time I had to complete the two essays. I'm not complaining because other people passed without a problem, but I just have a problem with taking my time when it comes to writing essays. So I wanted to know if anybody knew what the thematic essay and/or document based essay would be based on, just so I can have an idea of what to study at the moment. The multiple choice is never a problem, but those essays lead to my failure. Your help would be truly appreciated. Thank you.PLEASE ANSWER ASAP, IT IS CURRENTLY A COUPLE MINUTES AFTER 9 AM WHERE IM LOCATED, AND THE EXAM IS AT 12:30 PM. PLEASE PEOPLE, I'M IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP.

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  1. rina says:

    The topics aren’t revealed until the actual regents, my global teacher told us that he doesn’t know whats on the regents until we do. I think the best thing for you to do is try and take a bunch of practice tests, they really helped me, I took global June 2009

  2. mitrulu says:

    The info will never be disclosed.. its pointless to ask the quesiton… Ap world STudent (10th grade).. 97 on global regents and 4 on AP world

  3. grayling says:

    ITS , Really hard to tell what the essay would be about but i think it will be base on political system b/c the last two regents where about human right. dont worry just do the best u can i took last semester i hav3 a 95. gud luck

  4. melonlike says:

    The essays aren’t that hard. I’m going into my freshman year and I completed both essays in the U.S. History regents and got a 96. So just take your time and you can always do the essays first.

  5. ruobrab says:

    i know its too late to tell u but the regents never gives out what the essay is about.That would be considerd cheating.

  6. troxler says:

    xDDD honestly the essays are easy just review basic material from major events here’s a site to study that: [external link] …just manage your time and stuffthe topic anyways wont be revealed till you actually take the test

  7. influxible says:

    It is now after the test has already been completed. You need to practice timing and other techniques to properly answer an essay question.I hope that you passed./

  8. individualist says:

    there’s no way of knowing. Just study hard for the multiple choice and you’ll do fine.