Help with coming up with Othello essay topics and thesis?

Alright so i have to make a essay on certain topics but I cant make a thesis statement and I don't even know why. Like I also need help with coming up with points in my subtopics to prove the topics are:1. Discuss the role of that discrimination (racial, gender, cultural, etc.) plays in Othello. What is the effect?2. The importance of female characters. What purpose do they play.3. Describe act 1 scene 3 and make a thesis on it.4. Make your own thesis from your own topic.I was kinda leaning towards number 1 but I really cant come up with two subtopics for gender, cultural, and racial discrimination in Othello and an actual strong thesis isn't coming to me.So can someone please help.

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  1. reinfects says:

    you should contrast between good and evil and how shakespeare involved race and discrimination