How do you incorporate dialog quotes from a story into an essay?

"Dialog should be in quotation marks like this, then authors last name and page number should be in parenthesis, then make sure to have a works cited page to list your references" (Author 121)Works Cited John D. Author. The Best Book - title should be underlined. Chicago Publishing, Chicago, 1990

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  1. vikky says:

    just the way you would say it to someone but you usually must insert quotation marks and somewhere name your source and page number and sometimes more source info.Ex: Jane Doe was adamant in her response to the request: ” I certainly will not tolerate the use of my name in your unlawful schemes!” ….or…she replied to the criticism by stating that she “…absolutely did not say that” etc.

  2. ritardando says:

    Yes, this is the question everybody in my town is asking.Gets really boring.Especially when very deaf little old ladies come up to me in the street, prod me in the belly with their walking stick and shout at me through a megaphone,”How do you incorporate dialog quotes from a story into an essay? EH? Speak up young man.”