Is this a good openner for a “To Kill a Mocking Bird” essay?

The essay is on themes. Here it is:A town struggling with prejudice is seen through the eyes of two siblings who are trying to come to terms with the inequality.

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4 Answers to “Is this a good openner for a “To Kill a Mocking Bird” essay?”

  1. howvere says:

    That’d be a good SECOND sentence. You really want a strong hook to make the reader want to read your essay. Something to draw them in. It’ll impress your teacher.

  2. melaura says:

    LOL I remember that book -.-. I don’t really think that Maycomb is “struggling” since it’s actually thriving pretty well with no issues, from the people’s perspective. I think a better verb would be manifested or infested to show that prejudice is more of a disease that has overtaken people’s way of life.

  3. gushily says:

    Maycomb, a fictional town in Alabama is suffering racial prejudice during the Great Depression, and is witnessed through the eyes of a young girl named scout finch, who are constantly faced with the social inequities that Maycomb is suffering.

  4. dictionary's says:

    I think it is pretty good