SAT writing: Is it bad to say you agree on both topics instead of just picking one?

For Example: Prompt: Do people learn more from success or from failure? Write an essay in which you take a point of view on this topic. Support your point of view with examples from your studies and/or from your experiences.If I were to write an essay saying I believe people learn from their success as well as their failures, would my grade be lower? Thanks in advance.

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3 Answers to “SAT writing: Is it bad to say you agree on both topics instead of just picking one?”

  1. revisualize says:

    As long as you write clearly and concisely, it is fine. Having said that, the lower risk solution is to go with what they ask.

  2. cipherhood says:

    Even if you believe that people learn from their successes and well as their failures (which sounds like a very reasonable argument to me!), I would caution you to pick a side and stick to it. You don’t have to believe in your heart of hearts that people always learn more from their successes than from their failures (or vice versa)– but for the purpose of the test, try to wholeheartedly adopt one of those points of view. Choose whichever side that you feel you can make a stronger argument for. Graders of the SAT essay like to see students set out a strong, clear thesis statement, and then back it up with several specific examples. They are grading many essays in a short period of time, and want to be able to see in a short amount of time that you know how to structure an essay. Having a clear-cut thesis that doesn’t waver will help in this respect.You won’t necessarily get a lower score for going with your original thesis idea, but you are more likely to than if you choose one side. Good luck! More tips: 10 Tips for Writing a Great SAT Essay: [external link] Essay Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts: [external link]

  3. gelilah says:

    yea, SAT essay graders want to see you be REALLY firm and strong on your opiniongoing both ways is easy, you can do that on any promptthe point is to pick one side and back it up with strong arguments and exampleshowever, its important that you ACKNOWLEDGE the opposing side and mention in one or two sentences in your essay, but never ever pick BOTH sides or your score will plummet