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Moving On As we grow older, we tend to blame everything on our parents. They were the ones who raised us, so it’s natural for kids to blame their mistakes on their parents; but do our parents really have anything to do with our problems? My opinion is that parents can be blamed; they were the ones who raised us, therefore all mistrust and issues came from them. Take my parents for example; my mom lost her mother at a young age and was raised by her dad and step-mom. My dad was raised by two loving parents. My parent’s relationship is rocky, and it because of my mom. She is constantly saying how she doesn’t deserve anything and she’s confused about how she feels. My step-grandmother hated mom; she attempted to put my mother up for adoption and when that didn’t work, she emotionally abused my mom. Barbra (my step-grandmother) convinced my mom that she was worthless and even now, as my mom turns 50, she still believes this. Our beliefs and ideals are based on what our parents thought while we were growing up. Even thought we try to rebel and break away, we turn out like our parents. It’s like we’re little replicas, around to continue the work our parents never finished. So in the end, can we blame our parents for our failed mistakes? The answer is yes; studies have found that parent’s who divorce their spouse, usually have kids who are divorced too. So what can we do to try to prevent this from happening? Try keeping social relationships and creating your own views. Maybe if we stop trying to be like our parents, we’ll stop ending up like them too.

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  1. professed says:

    Wow, that’s personal. Fix your grammar errors. Remove the cliché “Take my parents for example”, just go into the exposition.Not bad. I’d expand the conclusion a little bit. It starts out like you’re absolving yourself of responsibility for your own actions, then you end by saying what one can do to take responsibility, but rather simplistically. Is the point of your essay that we are all helpless and unable to change our fates?Give it some more thought, I’m sure you can improve it. It’s a good start.

  2. cookware says:

    As an essay I think that it’s pretty poor.As a social comment I think that it tries to pass the buck for any mistakes we make onto someone else. Sure our parents made mistakes, and so do we. Each of us, over the age of say, 13, has to accept that we do what we do,,,the good and the bad. Our parents don’t to it for us.It’s only when people take full resposibility for their own actions that they can be called adult. And it can be hard to be responsible.