Does Canada’s current foreign policy reflect the values of Canadians or of Federal Conservative Government?

This is for my Politics ISU Major Essay Assignment on the Canadian Military.

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2 Answers to “Does Canada’s current foreign policy reflect the values of Canadians or of Federal Conservative Government?”

  1. D'EREHT says:

    Canada’s Foreign Policy is the same as US and UN. Help Israel since Israel has the right to live. Same people who do US and UN Foreign Policy do Canada’s Foreign Policy. They do not care about Canada but Globalization.Canadian Military stays away from Politics. They protect Canada and do not go to any illegal wars unless approved by the United Nations. Not by the US Congress. Canadians who joined US Military and most notably Vietnam they were called Mercenaries. And, all recieved 0 VA Benefits which they are entitled too.

  2. intersoluble says:

    I somewhat agree with storm chaser – Canada’s Foreign policy reflect the values of the Federal Conservatives, who mirror the values of the American Republicans and the UN when related to middle-east issues (Israel).U.N. Charter “right to existence” 1948When the natives came back to Canada from fighting fascists, Nazis and Israels right to exist.They where denied the right to own land, to vote and to have a lawyer represent them until 30 years later. On top of that, Canada forcibly removed the children of those Vets and sent them off to institutions. where they suffered all manner of human right abuses including: electric shock, forced sterilization, Rape and Murder. Contrary to section two of the U.N. Charter on Genocide.