I’m doing an essay on romeo and juliet, the question is who is to blame for the death of romeo and juilet?

I really need some help on this essay. i'm not asking for a whole essay, i'm just asking for help, thanks.

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10 Answers to “I’m doing an essay on romeo and juliet, the question is who is to blame for the death of romeo and juilet?”

  1. plenske says:

    Calpurnia. She was furious when Atticus cheated on her with Scout. Scout decided that she would kill Calpurnia’s mother, Tituba, if Calpurnia did not let her know where the scarlet letter material was. That was after Reverand Dimsdale made out with Calpurnia b/c she caught him with Cheaver and that turned her on. Long story short, Calpurnia was responsible for Romeo’s death and it was Horatio’s fault that Juliet turned out the way she did.

  2. msample says:

    i would say hatred and rebellion. One fed off the other and death was the result.

  3. dipaola says:

    Lust. And the fact that they were way too young.

  4. chaimCG says:

    it was their own fault…it was lust over actual love it seems…they had known each other for only a few days. Baiscally, theyre the ones to blame in this so called tragedy

  5. sago says:

    I would say that it was nobody’s fault. It was Love that kept them together know matter what happened.

  6. bushcraft says:

    Juliet’s father because he started to force her into marrying Paris. However, she is already married to Romio.

  7. pistol's says:

    Romeo and Juliet are the WHO to blame for their own death. The WHAT to blame is LOVE.

  8. protestatory says:

    They are.

  9. existlessness says:

    Who is to blame? Society is to blame. The families couldn’t be seen to be friendly to each other, and their kids therefore couldn’t love. You could blame it on reckless youths surely. You could blame it on a lack of awareness of basic life-support or first aid training. You could blame it on Juliet for being a flirt or on Romeo for being the same. You can blame it on the parents or you can blame it on society. It’s up to you really!

  10. zoologicobotanical says:

    Romeo and Juliet: Why is Friar Lawrence to blame? [external link] …=STUDY GUIDES / RESOURCES [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …