Some quotes about abuse and violence +who said it and where? (meaning in which book please)?

Hey guys. So I've been doing research for my essay about abuse and violence, and so far I have provided myself with many quotes. However, I don't even have the name of the author/poet for most of them and where the author has written that quote. (meaning in which book or story) For instance the quote "abuse is the weapon of the vulgar." is by author samuel griswold goodrich, but I have no idea in whihc book he said it in. Please help? Thanks in advance

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  1. tambourine says:

    Random quotes are useful for after-dinner speeches and such, but they are not research and not good evidence to support an argument, unless you are talking about how abuse is perceived in popular culture. A better strategy is to find journal articles that give you information about abuse and quote from them.When you have a quote by an author you don’t know, there aren’t a lot of options. You have probably already discovered that Google only works if the people behind quote sites take the time to include sources and most of them are just not that bright. If the author is really big, like Shakespeare or Chaucer, there will be concordances. Sometimes you can find a “Companion to… ” volume that will give you guidance about the person’s major writings.If you have access to a library with searchable, full-text databases, try a keyword search in the most likely sources. If you haven’t done it before, ask a librarian for help getting started – they will have tips and short cuts that might not be obvious to a beginner.If you think the quotes help your argument and you can’t find the orignal source, the citation will have to be to wherever you yourself found the quote. For example:As Samuel Griswold Goodrich said, “Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar” ( the very least, see what you can find out the author. If you google old Sam, you will see he is a 19th c. speculator. I am willing to bet that he was talking about public affairs and that what he meant by abuse was bad language and name-calling. That is, a gentleman uses logic and rhetoric; a vulgar person yells that the president is a liar. The article below includes a link to Goodrich’s Recollections, which is a possible source of your quote.